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"There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self"

-Benjamin Franklin

When i came across this statement few days ago,you know..i thought, well how hard can it be?!.But the more I thought about it..the more it appeared a mystery to me. Now when I try to introduce myself, I realized that something more hard than to know one's self is to introduce one's self!. I guess this is because of the so called society around us. The fear of us being accepted by the society for who we really are rather than what the society wants us to be. A individual may know himself well enough but still portray a different image to the world just for the sake of being accepted. But what we really need are the people who defy this fear and stand up to who they are and what they love to do. Unfortunately or fortunately rather,such people exist in few numbers, defying the status quo time and again. Such people are the ones who lead rather than follow, who dream rather than stick to the rule book and go out there and make history.

What we need to do is accept ourselves first, and the society? Forget about it!.Once we accept ourselves, society will mean nothing. Once the society parameter is removed from the equation, it becomes much easier to know ourselves better and help us untangle from the web of giving a perfect introduction.

So, without wasting much time, let me introduce myself. This, I hope, is my true self!

“Born in Surat,Gujarat.. I experienced a childhood which not many have the chance to go through. We were always shifting places and relocating,from Bombay to Silvassa(Gujarat) to Hyderabad etc etc.. and finally settling in Bangalore. It meant new friends and even newer friends in every new school I went to and picking up local languages in bits which I now piece together!!. In midst of all this, I found enough time to play outside every single day and trouble my mother with random questions that seemed foolish to the world outside(I love questions!!).

By the time I settled comfortably in Bangalore and made some lasting friendships I had finished my 12th, went through some rough times preparing for IIT-JEE(we don't have a choice..do we?) and unwillingly written all the engineering entrances under the sun. And the Indian education system, I never understood its purpose! So anyway now I had to move again to Surathkal, Mangalore,this time to complete my B.tech at National Institute of Technology,Karnataka which I have no clue how I got into!

Currently in the midst of my Bachelor's degree I founded a textbook rental startup BooksOnHire with my close friend Vivek Agrawal. Well its still in the initial stages and I hope to go a long way with it, and no matter what people say, I will continue to chase my dreams and fantasies.

And after a long time,I am doing what I love (my business) and hopefully continue to do so in the future.

I also love the whole concept of storytelling and usually pen down my thoughts on this blog and in magazines such as Campus Diaries. I also recently shared my story at the Construkt Festival. It was one heck of a event and I was the youngest speaker there! "

Recently i also started working on a new mobile app, Waverr. Its a first of its kind in India and I am managing Business and Product Development at Waverr. Lets see how this new journey goes!


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